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5 Green Gadgets We Love  

Here at TWM we are avid outdoor admirers and as such we spend quite a bit of our downtime in the great outdoors. Caring for this planet is near and dear to our heart so we thought it would be good to show you some of the top green gadgets for camping.

Ambient Weather WR-111B Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio

Ambient_weather_wr11b_emergency _radio

Everyone should have this emergency radio in their vehicle, in their house and in their camping gear. It’s a great price for everything you get and it works well. The reception is great and the sound is crisp and clear. There are 3 choices for charging the lithium ion battery for use. You can use the solar panel or the hand crank and the hand crank actually works well. (more…)

Move Over Solar and Wind Here Come Wave Farms  

actual_wave_farmWave farms are starting to become the buzz phrase when it comes to green energy these days but can wave farms really be a sustainable green energy source that competes with the likes of wind and solar? Well in fact there are already some operational wave farms in existence today, providing power to actual people. Part of the problem with Green energy is the public’s perception about green energy. People know they have to replace fossil fuels for the environment’s sake as well as the fact that they are finite in quantity, so they look for the next big thing that will completely replace fossil fuels in one fell swoop. They probably aren’t going to find it when they use that criteria.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t get a beneficial return on investment when it comes to building up these alternative energy sources. Ultimately that will be the deciding factor if an alternative or green energy source is worth pursuing. (more…)

Seeing Something Unique and Beautiful in Ordinary Things  

I travel around the world to experience the many wonderful things that it has to offer. I go to famous tourist spots, and I also go to places that people think have nothing unique and wonderful to offer because they are just places full of tall buildings and all that ordinary urban feel that are common even in movies. People think that just because it is an ordinary city, there is nothing worth visiting in it.

Given how unpredictable things could be, people should know that there are still some things that you can enjoy even when you go visit the most common looking places.

Right now, I am in Toronto, in search for something unique and wonderful that this place has to offer. Even though it is not one of those places where tourists go to, I am sure that this place has something to offer, and I am sure I will find it, no matter what.

Appreciating the world is not just about appreciating nature and places and food. It also means seeing the beauty of the people. Here in Toronto, there may be not much of a tourist attraction, but the people are very wonderful and warm. They do not pyramids or an ancient palace in order for the place to be lovely, because the people are already as beautiful and kind and heartwarming as one could possibly be. They also have the most diligent and dutiful people, and this is especially seen in their workforce.

For instance, we consider the company Roofing Master. They are one of the best when it comes to roofing Toronto establishments. People here are proud of this company’s work performance. Why are they proud of this company? Because the people that work here are very diligent and competent with their work. Some people may seem their work as something funny and irrelevant, but the roofers working here do not mind the substandard being given to them. They remain polite and quiet. They disprove the nonsense talk about them by giving their 100 percent whenever they are task to work on roofs. Whether to repair it, design, fix and/or enhance a roof, people at Roofing Master are guaranteed to give the highest quality of roofing service for all your roofing needs.

Why have them as an example on why Toronto is a beautiful place to be? It is because people here are all like roofers from Roofing Master. When you come here, you are safe, and you will be given 100 percent satisfaction in everything, despite the fact that all of these things are also experiences you could have in other places. If you look for a place to sleep in, you will be served the best. When you want to eat, you will be delighted at how their restaurants offer a lot of variation to typical food, hence, still making it a unique experience.

People who love to travel often times always go out big and loud. However, it is good to visit places for their simplicity too, and admire the place for the people that live in it.

Environment-Friendly Roofing Options  

The world we live in is both brilliant and beautiful, and we must do whatever we can to preserve it. If we all work together and do our part, even the smallest of contributions, we can make a difference in the world.

One of the greatest dangers that our planet is facing today is global warming. Everything is heating up, and climate change is moving too quickly that all we can do about it is to adjust to these alterations in order to survive. And, while we are at it, conserve what is left of the energy we constantly waste every single day.

As previously mentioned, even the tiniest of contributions can go a long way. For instance, if you have been meaning to have your roof fixed for some time now, you might want to go green on it. There are in fact eco-friendly materials that can be used to set up your new roof, and some of them won’t even cost as much. Have a look at these three most popular roofing materials used for conserving energy and helping the ecosystem.

One of the cheapest options for an environment-friendly roofing material is recycled shingles. Now that everyone is learning more and more about how to be Earth-friendly, roofing companies are starting recycle rubber, wood, and plastic to make these materials, and offer them to their customers. Since the materials came from used ordinary items, as they are being recycled as shingles, they are sold at an economical price. Among the most popular materials out there are the asphalt and tire shingles.

Sometimes, if you make the extra effort, a green roof would also be a great option to choose. Bring your garden to the roof and grow your favorite plants there. What’s more exciting about having plants on your roof is that they absorb all the heat that’s coming in from the sun, preventing it from passing through your house. And when it rains hard, the plants absorb most of the water, reducing the risk of water runoff. In addition, you get more space in your front and backyard for anything else you might want to add to your house, since your garden is already situated on the rooftop.

You can also opt for a solar paneled roof. Especially if you are living in warm areas, you will want light and transparent solar cells for a roof to save energy. And since it is transparent, you won’t need to use any light during the day. At night, you can then use the energy you saved through the panels for your lights. This is the most resourceful roofing option you will ever have!

True enough, some of the options are not as affordable as the others, the solar panels, particularly. But when you really ponder on it, you only have to pay that much once. When it comes to quality and affordable environment-friendly materials, Toronto roofing services will be able to help you with this endeavor. You get the best of both worlds – you help the environment and you didn’t have to shell out a lot of money.

3 Exotic African Countries Worth Visiting  

When it comes to the tourism industry, African countries are quite lagging behind other countries in Europe and the Americas. A lot of people are still unaware of the beautiful places the continent has to offer. In fact, there are lots of wonderful sceneries in Africa that you can never find anywhere in the world. Thus, if you have the opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime, then visit Africa. If you wish to see the diversity in nature and be amazed with several exotic places, go ahead and have a trip to these countries:

1. Kenya- When you think about Africa, you might only think of deserts and dry areas. However, some African countries like Kenya have a lot to offer in terms of pristine beaches. In fact, their beaches are clear and are not as exploited as other popular beaches in other parts of the world. Aside from these beaches, Kenya also takes pride in its teeming wildlife. You might also check out their beautiful, world class hotels that have a lot to offer you.

2. Morocco- You might not have even heard of this country or you might not have thought of it as an African country. However, this country has a lot to offer. When you want vibrant resort areas with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean, this is the perfect country to visit. You might also check out some of its ancient buildings. The older university in the world was also founded in Morocco. Camel rides are also available in some towns for you to enjoy. Most of all, their public markets abound extremely beautiful and one of a kind souvenirs.

3. Tanzania- This country is home to some of the best beaches in the entire continent. They also have lots of national parks where the exotic animals that you thought have only existed in photos, are actually present. Bird and other animal migrations can also be seen vividly in this country during certain times throughout the year.

You will definitely discover more about Africa and appreciate its beauty once you go for a trip to these countries. If you need help organizing your itinerary, you can check out South Africa Tours here for more details.

The Internet and the Environment  

I’m not a fan of indoor stuff – I think that the nation, as a whole, spends far too much time indoors, working to destroy the environment and not enough time outside enjoying it. I got to thinking about the amount of time we spend on the internet and just how much energy it actually takes to run it.

Is the Internet Environmentally Friendly?

It is and it isn’t. On the one hand, yes, it is far more environmentally friendly to do your shopping online than it is to hop in a car and go off driving all over the place looking for something. It’s better to read something online than it is to print it off.  On the other hand, the internet doesn’t replace much in the way of other activities.

I did quite a bit of research on this subject and was quite astounded by the results.  Did you know for example that one search on Google has the ability to produce between 1-10 grams of CO2?  Multiply that by the more than 100 million Google searches carried out every day and you have yourself more than 2000 tons of greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment.

That’s just for searches, that doesn’t take into account everything else we use our computers for every day.  Each computer will produce around 40-80 gms of these greenhouse gases every hour while switched on and using electricity. With everything else added in the internet is responsible for around 3% of electricity consumption in the US and 2 of CO2 emissions across the world.

What Can We Do About It?

Stop using the internet? Stop using your computer? That isn’t a feasible answer, I know that. Today’s world depends on this kind of technology to survive and without we would actually be worse off in terms of the environment.  What we can do is use our computers more efficiently.

Companies such as this one who offer fibre optic internet are doing their bit by making improvements to their operations. Processors carry more power but are energy efficient; server farms are being kept cooler using alternative means of power and some are even being located in the Arctic to keep them naturally cool.

On a more personal level, it’s up to us not to leave our computers on when we are not using them and, where we can, turning them off altogether and getting outside for a few hours.

Top Reasons for Visiting Turkey on Your Next Holiday  

Over the past few years, Turkey has been gaining popularity amongst the true travelling lovers. With a diverse combination of a beautiful nature and Mediterranean climate, Turkey blends in rich history and offers a lot of adventure to its visitors. Stunned by the stretched out sea, shining sun and luxurious options of accommodations in Turkey, here are the top reasons for visiting this holiday spot on your next vacation. 

CoastLine Activities
A bundle of activities can be planned and executed on the coastlines of Turkey. With the sun shining for more than 6 months in a year, any time to visit this piece of heaven is good. Some of the must visit spots include Aegean Coastline, Blue Voyage and Blue Cruising. The cruise or voyage is bound to offer an experience of a lifetime. Glistening patches of water with a breathtaking view from the ride, certainly cannot be over rated and is a must see for those who visit Turkey. 

Various Historical Places 
Visitors who love to explore and walk past old buildings and monuments that are centuries old, with different stories behind each of them should definitely opt for Turkey as their vacation spot. The reason is Turkey is listed as one of the places that has the most well reserved and rich historic places in the world. It's capital Anatolia has stories and left overs of several civilizations, historical figures and legends safely secured in the heart of the city. To experience what they have left behind is one of the greatest things that tourists take back from Turkey. 

Rich Culture
The culture of Turkish people is embedded with interesting music, exciting food and colorful drapery. Each region and city has its ethnic stories that can be discovered when on the streets. The nature's gift to Turkey that can be seen in awe inspiring landscapes and places to visit paired with a touch of ethnic class and culture is a definite treat for those who come searching for a blissful place. For information on the right kind of tourism services that make sure the unseen parts of Turkey are discovered, check out Turkey tours information here.  

Electronic Cigarettes and the Environment  

Did you know electronic cigarettes are safer for the environment?

Unlike e-cigs, normal cigarettes pose many risks to both the environment and to wildlife. If you’re a smoker, you need to switch to a more environmentally benign smoke. Choosing an alternative to normal e-cigarettes isn’t easy, but there are useful electronic cigarette review websites to help you make the decision.

Why choose e-cigs? Let me make the environmental case for switching.

Regular cigarettes do a lot of damage to our water. An American group found that around 30% of litter in US storm drains are cigarette butts. These can reduce the quality of our drinking water, our lakes, streams and pools, releasing nicotine, arsenic and lead into them.

But that’s not all: cigarette butts are a massive problem for beaches; In fact, they’re a massively over represented problem for our beaches. Another tobacco organization found that in 2007 after a shore line cleanup in Canada, cigarette butts were the most found litter. It’s disgusting that our beaches and waterways are being polluted in this way. Who wants to travel to the beach if it’s covered in rubbish!?
However, never mind tourism! Butts also pose a risk to marine life and our pets! Animals of both the land and the sea have been found eating cigarette butts, or with them lodged in their stomach and intestines. This can be fatal to some creatures, if not it can lead to poor digestion, blockages and the consumption of toxic chemicals. No creature should suffer this. Imagine your pet dying because they ate your thrown away cigarettes butts.

Missing out the micro fauna, key players in our beautifully complex eco system, studies have been done on the effect of cigarette butt pollution on water fleas. Plus, studies have been done on other marine life and microorganisms. You’ll probably guess correctly, butts are toxic to many species and kill them. This is important when you consider the complex balances in the food chain that we all rely on.

It’s not just pollution though; cigarettes that aren’t extinguished properly have been known to cause significant damage through fires. Forest fires and property damage are a real issue in dry climates. Just to top it off, this isn’t the only way cigarettes damage the forest! The tobacco industry is constantly printing its cigarettes and the disposable packaging for them. Did someone say deforestation? Even disposable electronic cigarettes perform better environmentally!

To put it into perspective Australians (not the biggest country) smoke roughly 32 billion cigarettes a year and if you put the butts together, end to end, they would encircle the planet 16 times!
If you’re shocked by these facts and you’re asking yourself ‘where do I get e-cigarettes?’ I’d say check out some reviews of electronic cigarette brands and see what you like. None are going to be as harmful as conventional cigarettes.

They damage our waterways, our beaches and our streets as an eyesore and as real environmental damage. Even worse, they harm the plants and animals around us. So, convert today!

What We can Do to Combat Rapid Deterioration of Our World  

We are in a very crucial time. Today, we are facing different natural challenges like climate change, natural calamities, and pollution. The world as we know it is deteriorating in a pace that is almost unimaginable. The sad part to all these is that we, the human race, are directly responsible. We have brought about the deterioration of our world’s condition.

We are responsible for destroying the balance of nature

Trees are nature’s way of preserving equilibrium in itself. It serves to balance the Oxygen – Carbon Dioxide exchange. The forest houses wildlife and it acts as natural agent in preserving the heat and coldness symmetry. The issue really started when we messed-up that balance.

Our appetite for the use of lumber and wood is one of the largest contributors to the rapidly worsening of climate change and other environmental issues. This is because wood is among the most useful raw material we have for almost all that we do. We need wood for constructing our homes and buildings; we need wood to create paper that we use for so many things in a daily basis.

The problem we are facing today actually stemmed from the fact that we cut down trees faster than nature’s ability to replenish itself. In fact, we destroy forests faster than our willingness to replenish it.

In the face of all these truth, how do we act to address the natural issues around us?

What we can do

We have to have a concrete approach to supplement our wood consumption. We have to seriously reconsider our construction materials. For example, imagine how many trees were felled down to produce the lumber needed for a home decking project like those shown here. Imagine if all that were not cut down. Imagine the benefits each tree would have brought to our world.

There are actually so many things that we can make use of as very good alternative to timbers. In the construct industry, the use of steel and fiberglass materials as substitute to lumber has been growing steadily.

However, our response should not be limited in the construction industry. We have to make it a lifestyle to care for our planet. We are responsible for its rapid demise, which means that we can also do a lot to preserve or restore it.

Living in an Eco-Friendly Home Does Not Mean You Have to Put Up with Mold  

When it comes to taking care of the environment, we really have to exert our best efforts. Not doing so could lead to us causing too much irreversible damage to the environment; such a thing can lead to the world becoming a place that’s too harsh for future generations to live in. The good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of this duty and striving to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

One of the ways people make their daily lives more eco-friendly is by converting their homes into eco-friendly houses. One of the ways people make their home eco-friendly is by making them “more open” and allowing trees, plants, and other natural features to be a big part of their home’s look and foundation. Just by converting their homes into eco-friendly homes, so many people from all over Toronto are able to contribute to the betterment of the environment.

However, despite the fact that making one’s home eco-friendly is a good thing, it can actually have downsides. One of the possible downsides of making a home eco-friendly is that it can make a home more conducive to mold growth. Unfortunately, mold growth can result in severe harm among humans. Not only can it produce frequent allergic reactions, it can also cause people to have fatal asthma attacks.

The good news is that people can actually avoid such a scenario when they make their home eco-friendly. When it comes to mold removal Toronto residents just have to make it a point to know how to deal with mold. To many environmentalists from the city of Toronto mold inspection and removal has become so much easier because there are a lot of health agencies out there that are spreading awareness of how environmentalists can deal with mold. You might think that it’s impossible to manage mold growth because of the structure of eco-friendly homes, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Various health organizations from all over the world have devised methods on how to do such a thing, and these methods are relayed to the environmentalists in Toronto by local health organizations.

One of the many environmentalists in the city who have benefited from the help of health organizations is Timmy Smith. Here’s what he told us when we interviewed him:

“Building an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to mean exposing yourself to certain health risks. So many health organizations have worked with environmentalists to create ways to minimize health risks when building eco-friendly houses. The best thing about these methods is that they aren’t actually that hard to implement. I myself have asthma, but I have not suffered an asthma attack because of my eco-friendly home. This is because I used materials that minimize the levels of moisture in my home for its foundation. In addition to this, I also make sure that the water pipes in my home are well-insulated. This minimizes the risks of having pipes that burst during winter. If you didn’t know, burst pipes can lead to significant and rapid mold growth. I have to thank the local organizations here in Toronto for teaching me all about these things.”

By living in an eco-friendly home, you end up contributing to the protection of the environment. You really should look into it. You shouldn’t worry about health risks associated with living in an eco-friendly home. So long as you actually modify your home with certain key principles of health risk minimization in mind, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Taking Care of the World We Live in is a Work for All of Us  

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.” This is a motto commonly promoted by mountaineering groups and nature advocates. It basically means that anyone who goes into the outdoors to explore and enjoy should do just that: explore and enjoy. They should not take nor should they leave anything when they go home.

But this is rarely being followed by majority of people who go into the outdoors. Just go to the beach in one of those summer vacation peak days and you would be amazed at the number of people and be aghast at the enormous amount of garbage they leave behind. Try visiting campsites or famous tourist destinations as soon as people clear out for the day; what would you see? Trash, usually plastic littered all over the place.

This has been a growing problem wherever you may be in the world. This is a predicament that needs to be addressed as soon as possible if we want to enjoy our planet, in all its beauty and grandeur in the near future. How do we address such issue?

Change has to start from each of us

It has to start within ourselves. We must develop a sense of ownership of the world we live in. To be an owner of something is to be responsible for it. You would not want to be the one to destroy your own car, would you? The same should also be true with our attitude for this planet. This is ours but frankly, if we destroy it, we have nothing else.

The government has a role to play too

Over the years the government has made efforts to ban the use of plastic. But such mandate was never really given enough follow through and as a result, it usually goes away after some time. We all know the harmful effects of plastic use in the environment. Such government directives should be given emphasis by pushing the use of biodegradable materials such as hessian bags like the ones in this site. Doing this would greatly diminish the age-old problem of garbage control.

Yes, this call to be responsible and use environment friendly materials is not new. However, it is one that we should never be tired of. The world we live in is a gorgeous place but it will not be much unless we take responsibility for its welfare.

An Interesting Weekend Hike  

As I walked up the vibrant, forested hill all I could hear around me was the whistle of the winds and the squeaks of a few birds about me. I progressed forward lost in my own thoughts and stopped only occasionally to absorb the views around me. So it came as quite the shock to me when I nearly ran in to someone right in front of me.

Apprehensively, because I wasn’t used to seeing anyone else on this path I said “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. Are you all right?” “It’s perfectly alright,” he said “though you look so immersed in your walk that I hate to interrupt it.”

Taken aback by his friendliness, I sized him up. He was a tall, slender guy dressed in blue and black athletic gear. I guessed he’s been on the trail for a while by the sweat that glistened on his forehead and the mud that was caked to his boots. We walked together, exchanged pleasantries, and learned a little about one another. His name was Mark and he came across as athletic, passionate, and involved.

So, naturally I was shocked to learn he owned a taxed relief company. “IMPOSSIBLE” was the word I believed I used. He just seemed like too interesting and nice a guy to do something so seemingly dull and heartless.
Yet he defended his profession with a wry smile and some heartfelt rhetoric: “I know many people hold a grudge or two against tax relief companies. They’ve just met too many swindlers in the trade. Yet I believe my job can help people, ease their troubles and give them peace of mind.”

“How so?” I asked. I was slightly intrigued but also doubtful about what he had to say. “Well,” he responded “at my company, I help people by doing things like ensure IRS audits are completed fairly, set up affordable payment plans for their budgets, prevent property seizures, prepare back tax returns, and remove tax liens.”

A lot of what Mark said went over my English major head, but I recognized the genuineness in his words. “It’s great that you’ve found a career you’re so passionate about,” I remarked. “Yes, well,” he noted “I care very deeply about what I do and it makes me angry that crooked businessmen take advantage of people who haven’t done their research on what company they work with.”

His words resonated with me and I thought about how hard it must be for him having to defend his profession all of the time. We continued walking and chatting together for the rest of our hike.

I was surprised at how much we shared in common; like our passion for the outdoors and our interest in environmental sustainability and conservation projects. Before I knew it I was telling him about my volunteer work in Peru and describing my experience working with schools to plant trees to improve microclimatic conditions and provide for biodiversity. “Transformative and immersive” were the two words I used to describe my adventure.
Mark remained interested as I gushed about my experiences and even indicated his own desire to do something similar. I honestly couldn’t believe what a caring and compassionate guy he was.

We eventually came to the end of our hike and said our goodbyes. He gave me is business card for his company, Instant Tax Attorney (, in case I ever needed some financial help. As I walked away I read the card which advertised free tax consultations and promised to recommend representation only by the most qualified of professionals. I put the card in my pocket, knowing that it might one day come in handy knowing such a trustworthy guy.

Find A River And Go Fishing, (Because Fish Oil Is Good For You)  

One of the great delights of my life is to get outdoors and find a beautiful river. There are so many beautiful places out in the forest and finding a river and going fishing is one of the best ways to appreciate them.

Camping is a wonderful pastime. I just love camping however if you go camping you need something to do. You can’t just sit there all day long appreciating the view, no matter how good it is. You need something to take up your time. For me its spending time on a river, fishing.

Fishing is calming and relaxing. It’s a great way to destress from all of the strains of modern life and a great way to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. The tinkle of the river flowing past, the little eddies that swirl around near the bank, the soft plop of a frog is it jumps into the river to swim across.

One of my favorites is trout fishing. I love catching trout and I love eating trout. Fish oil is good for you and I use that is my excuse to go out and catch them, but at the end of the day I just love catching and eating trout from a beautiful river.

Of course there’s plenty of other things that you can do if you go camping. For me its fishing but for you it might be just simply sitting by the river reading a book. That can be just as calming and relaxing as fishing.

For someone else it might be something as simple as knitting on the banks of the river watching the water flow past. Or writing letters, or anything at all which is just allows you to sit comfortably and calmly by a river watching the world go by.

There is something special about rivers, I don’t know what it is. The water looks like it’s been there for 1000 years, slowly taking its time to wind its way all the way down to the sea. Sitting contemplating a river is a wonderful thing.

Of course if you get outdoors you can be much more energetic. There’s all sorts of outdoors activities which will allow you to get onto a river as well as beside it. When I was younger I spent many years as a kayaker, kayaking down the river for days at a time camping on the bank.

If you just wanted the calmness and the serenity you chose a slow flowing smooth river where you could glide along soundlessly taking in the sights and the smells. If you wanted action you chose a river with lots of rapids and white water which would challenge your skills and make you work.

And at the end of the day you could pitch your tent, gather up your firewood, make your campfire and then sit down beside the river before nightfall to catch a fish for dinner. You got fish for dinner, healthy fish oil into your diet and had the perfect way to finish off a wonderful day.

Getting outdoors is a magical thing. One of the most magical things about it is rivers. Whether you fish in them, read a book beside them, write a letter beside them or paddle down on top of a river in a kayak there’s nothing better than getting out into the country and spending your time on or beside a river.

Protecting the World’s Natural Wonders  

Humanity needs to exert better effort at protect the natural beauty of the world. Even though we have laws in place that aim to regulate the activities that end up causing significant environmental harm, these measures aren’t enough to protect the many natural wonders of the world. Oftentimes, organizations are able to find loopholes and then exploit them so that they can continue abusing mother nature.

The good news, however, is that it is certainly possible to institute regulations and change the culture of one place so that everybody contributes to the betterment of the environment. We need to look no further than the Philippines to see how it’s possible to protect the environment.

The Philippines has so many natural wonders, but the best of them, in my opinion, can be found in Palawan. Virtually every tourist who goes to the Philippines makes it a point to visit Palawan. Why is this the case? For one, there’s the fact that one of the most beautiful places on Earth is found in the province. I’m talking about none other than the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Every tourist who’s gone to the place, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the national park, also gets to enjoy a lot of other amazing sights, and this is all possible because both the national and local government are doing their best to protect the natural beauty of Palawan.

The good news for most of us outside the Philippines is that the governments of most places in the world are starting to take better care of the environment. Sure, there’s still a lot to be done and the transition maybe very slow, but with enough push, we can get these governments to actually take better care of the environment much faster. This is actually where environmental organizations in the private sector come in. Through the work of such organizations, we’re better able to help the government ease into a place where they are able to take better care of the environment.

For this article, we actually interviewed one prominent person who works at an environmental organization, David Lee. Here’s what he had to tell us when we talked about him about his work:

“I believe that in this lifetime, we’ll be able to deal with all of our environmental problems. It’s really just a matter of raising awareness and influencing people to actually get out and do something. People used to think that you had to be a scientist or a lawyer to be able to help out. This is not true. People can help out in their own little ways and still make a significant difference. I know people who have gotten other people to take better care of the environment just by make use of their social media skills. It’s really amazing.”

Hopefully, this post of ours proves enlightening to all of our readers. Just because you don’t have an advanced degree doesn’t mean you can’t help out. People, for one, can help by writing letters to their representatives in the government so that they’ll realize how important protecting the environment is to their constituents. It may seem like such a small thing, but it can actually go a long way.