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5 Green Gadgets We Love  

Here at TWM we are avid outdoor admirers and as such we spend quite a bit of our downtime in the great outdoors. Caring for this planet is near and dear to our heart so we thought it would be good to show you some of the top green gadgets for camping.

Ambient Weather WR-111B Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio

Ambient_weather_wr11b_emergency _radio

Everyone should have this emergency radio in their vehicle, in their house and in their camping gear. It’s a great price for everything you get and it works well. The reception is great and the sound is crisp and clear. There are 3 choices for charging the lithium ion battery for use. You can use the solar panel or the hand crank and the hand crank actually works well. (more…)

Move Over Solar and Wind Here Come Wave Farms  

actual_wave_farmWave farms are starting to become the buzz phrase when it comes to green energy these days but can wave farms really be a sustainable green energy source that competes with the likes of wind and solar? Well in fact there are already some operational wave farms in existence today, providing power to actual people. Part of the problem with Green energy is the public’s perception about green energy. People know they have to replace fossil fuels for the environment’s sake as well as the fact that they are finite in quantity, so they look for the next big thing that will completely replace fossil fuels in one fell swoop. They probably aren’t going to find it when they use that criteria.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t get a beneficial return on investment when it comes to building up these alternative energy sources. Ultimately that will be the deciding factor if an alternative or green energy source is worth pursuing. (more…)

Decorating Tips for a Country Style Bathroom  

Bathroom Nothing beats the charm of country decor. If you want a country style bathroom, but aren’t sure where to start, these tips should help you get your decorating projects underway. With just a little bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can have your own beautiful, country style bathroom in no time at all.

Consider Installing Bead Board

Nothing gives a room a country look faster than installing bead board. You can cover the walls from floor to ceiling with it, or cut it down to chair rail height. Either way, consider painting it white to enhance the country look.

This is more labor-intensive than installing bead board, but can give a charming, rustic look. If you choose this option, look for wood that has a lot of character such as old barn wood.

Purchase a Clawfoot Bathtub

One of the hallmarks of a country style bathroom is a clawfoot bathtub. Not only that, but they are a classic design that will never go out of style.

Incorporate Wooden Furniture

Consider bringing wooden furniture into the room. For instance, a rough, unfinished wooden table under the bathroom window is the perfect place to put a couple of extra towels and a few country-style accessories. Better yet, converting an old wooden dresser into a vanity is a great way to add a one-of-a-kind decorating element to the space. Not only will it look great, but the extra storage space can be a real bonus.

Use Rustic Light Fixtures

Look for light fixtures that incorporate primitive elements such as rusty metal or traditional lantern shapes. Just be sure that whatever fixtures you choose provide ample lighting for the space.

Bring in Vintage Decorating Pieces

Try bringing in vintage or antique pieces such as an old wooden chair, an antique bucket or a vintage mirror. Browse local antique shops for unique pieces that you can incorporate into your bathroom design.

Stick With Neutral Colors

You don’t have to avoid color all together, but in general is a good idea to stick with a mostly neutral palette. If you do incorporate other colors, keep them soft and muted. Instead of a bright green, opt for a subtle sage green instead.

Incorporating these simple tips into your bathroom design is the best way to design a country-style bathroom. Regardless of your budget, with a little bit of creativity you can create a rustic space that you are proud of.

If you want a country style bathroom, but aren’t sure where to start, these tips should help you get your decorating projects underway. With just a little bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can have your own beautiful, country style bathroom in no time at all.

One of the hallmarks of a country style bathroom is a clawfoot bathtub. A rough, unfinished wooden table under the bathroom window is the perfect place to put a couple of extra towels and a few country-style accessories. Browse local antique shops for unique pieces that you can incorporate into your bathroom design.

Cheap Improvements For every Space in your house  

houseimprove Lots of people would certainly like to make their home feel and look better, however do not have a lot of money to do so. What many folks do not understand, nonetheless, is that there are several affordable, easy improvements that can be made in each room of a residence. Here are some great suggestions.

Many folks start with the kitchen area. This is one of the most essential areas in your home, as you desire the location where you prepare food in to really feel tidy and updated. To spruce it up, you do not have to spend a fortune. Try switching out cabinet and cabinet knobs for more recent ones. Give the wall surfaces a coat of paint. Refinish the closets. These are all fantastic ideas that could improve the appearance of your cooking area without going damaged.

Another space we will focus on is the living room. This room is where you spend a bunch of time unwinding and just socializing. If you have carpets in here, get them shampooed or if you have hardwood floors, get them polished or re-finished. Adjustment out your old, outdated curtains for more recent ones. Buy some cheap paint or photos for the wall surfaces. All of these pointers are cost-friendly.

The restroom is one more room that could easily be spruced up without investing a ton of money. Make your bathroom aroma and look better by including in a bowl of mixture.

Do not forget about your room when making house enhancements. When making restorations to your home, the bed room could be one of the most expensive spaces; you could feel lured to purchase a brand-new bed or a new dresser. Even a brand-new bedspread can provide your area a whole new, fresh look.

When people are making renovations to their residence, they have a tendency to neglect their backyards. Offer the overall look of your home a better look by adding in a yard. These are all quite practical for improving your residence’s exterior.

By reading through this short article over, you could see that making the areas look better in your home does not have to cost you a lot of money. With the tips like the ones you merely read through, you can acquire your residence looking better in no time. Usage this suggestions and take pleasure in the outcomes.

Several individuals would certainly like to make their residence appearance and really feel much better, but do not have a ton of money to do so. Just what many people do not understand, nevertheless, is that there are numerous cost effective, simple improvements that could be made in each space of a residence. When making improvements to your house, the bed room could be one of the most expensive spaces; you may feel lured to purchase a brand-new bed or a brand-new chest of drawers. Provide the general look of your home a much better appearance by including a garden. Considering that reading through the post over, you could see that making the rooms look better in your residence does not have to cost you a ton of money.

Three Ways I’m Going Green in 2014  

healthygreen As December has reached us, it is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of 2013 and to plan goals for the next year. In 2014, I’m going to be taking my life a bit more seriously and have made several goals and guidelines on how I’ going to live my life starting in the new year. These three things are very important to me and maybe you will get inspired and adopt them as your goals as well. The overall goal of 2014 is to live greener and healthier in my body, mind, and how I live.

1. Getting a Personal Trainer

Going “green” is really great for the environment – the health of the planet. Although that is very important and something we talk about here a lot, we also need to go “green” in our bodies and our health, too. In order for me to work towards this, I’m going to begin a strict personal training program. I found an Irvine personal trainer who’s willing to work with me and who understands my goals and life’s philosophy. She seems like a really great person, which will make training with her comfortable and productive. Getting in shape and taking care of my health is the number one goal for 2014 for me since I’ve been lacking in that area for the past few years.

2. Moving to the Paleo Diet

Another way to go “green” on the inside is to make sure you’re only putting good things into your body. I’m adopting a new philosophy towards food. Instead of seeing food as instant gratification to my taste buds, I’m only going to be viewing food as a source of nourishment and not pleasure. To do this, I’m going to do (not try) the paleo diet. The paleo diet is supposed to mimic the diet of “cavemen” and eat only natural foods. This means I cannot eat any processed foods including sugar and bread. I’ve seen how effective the paleo diet is first hand from one of my friends and it has made me super excited to get started.

3. Planting a Garden

I’ve been contemplating this for a few years and I think 2014 is the year I’m going to do it. My backyard is pretty bare and I’m going to plant a small garden in there. Since I’m also doing the paleo diet, vegetables are a big part of that diet. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to plant yet (I need to do a lot of research about what can grow in my area), I want to plant carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. These items are staples in many paleo approved meals so it will be really cool to be able to pick the ingredients from my back yard.

These three things are definitely going to help my body go green and I really can’t wait to make the transformation. You can be sure that I will be providing updates on the blog to track my progress and share the results. How do you plan to go green or change your life for the better in 2014?

Stay Sustainable With an Unlimited Mileage Moving Truck  

movingtruck There are times when moving interstate is necessary. You may need to relocate for work, to be closer to family or for numerous other reasons. Most people simply hire a truck and move their belongings to the new location. The problem is that long distance moving is not exactly a sustainable way of doing things. Truck transport is harsh on the environment and it is certainly not my first choice. However there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that this activity has a reduced impact on the environment. These tips will help you and the environment at the same time.

Reduce the load

The first thing you should do when planning an interstate move is to get rid of as many unwanted items as possible. Not only does this make packing and unpacking easier, but reducing the load weight also reduces the carbon emissions. If you can get rid of enough stuff then you might even be able to rent a smaller truck, which will further save emissions. A great way to do this, and make a little extra money to pay for the move, is to sell your things. You can do this with a simple garage sale or advertising your goods via the local classifieds. Anything that you are unable to sell can be donated to charity so that it can be reused by others.

Share the load

A half full truck is certainly a waste of space and is not an overly efficient way to move. If you only have a few things to move it is a good idea to try and find a company or individual with some extra room in their truck/trailer. This works best if you are moving to the same location, but most rental companies, such as this company, offer unlimited mileage moving truck rentals, which means that you can travel as far as you require without paying any additional fees. This is not only a great way to make more efficient use of a moving truck, but it is also a good way to split the costs of the truck and save some money.

Alternative Fuel

Most trucks run on diesel fuel, which we all know is harsh on the environment. However, there are green alternatives that are becoming more widely available. For example, biodiesel is now available at many gas stations across the country. This is acceptable for most models of trucks and the rental agency will be able to tell you if biodiesel can be used in their vehicles. Trucks that run, or can be converted to run, on alternate fuels such as cooking oil are also available, but these vehicles are not usually available for rent.

There is always going to be an environmental impact when you move over a long distance. However, as you can see there are some very simple things that you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your interstate move. You might even be able to save a little bit of money at the same time, so there really is no reason for not putting these tips into practice.

Three Companies to Use for Eco-Friendly Storage in Montreal  

storageIf you need to temporarily store some items in a specific location while attending to an activity at home, you may certainly take advantage of the services offered by an eco-friendly storage facility. In Montreal, you also have these options.

The following provides information on the three companies that you can avail of as a storage facility.

1. U-Haul: Self Storage Units – A1 Mini Entreposage

A1 Mini Entreposage is a pioneering Public Storage facility in the area of Montreal offering eco friendly self storage units to their customers who need extra storage for their items. They provide several options, depending on size. They also offer multi sized units which can be used for personal and business storage needs. Aside from being eco friendly, they are also affordable with their low price compared to other facilities in the area.

They also offer easy access to the storage units. The facilities are conveniently located in Montreal, and they also offer different types of storage including boat storage, RV storage, vehicle self storage and motorcycle storage.

2. eMove Self Storage Shop

One reason why this Montreal self storage shop is considered eco friendly is because of the materials being used in the facility itself. The use of metal in these buildings makes the facility heavy duty. This durability offered by the material provides an extra assurance and protection against different types of physical damage such as wear and tear.

Because of this, there is a reduction in the expected maintenance and repair expenditures. At the same time metal is resistant to termites and molds. Other materials are also being used aside from metal to make sure that everything inside a self storage unit is well protected from any type of damaging circumstances.

3. Sentinel Storage

Sentinel storage provides self storage facilities perfect for homeowners, as well as for business individuals who want to search for a home storage solution for different situations. These situations typically include renovation, extra space due to outgrown area, temporary facility while waiting for the completion of a newly built house, etc.

If you are also thinking of working away from home or traveling for a specific period of time and there are some items that you do not want to be left behind unguarded, a public storage, specifically Sentinel provides, you the services that you need. They also have different options for the unique needs of their customers.

The three Public Storage Canada facilities mentioned above focus on security, access and convenience, aside from making sure that they are an eco friendly self storage facility. If you need for a place to store your items and things at home or at work, contact one of the companies mentioned above. They have a move in truck to assist you with difficult to transfer properties. They also provide convenience in payment options, security systems, flexible access hours and other extra services. More than that, the facility and the materials being used contribute to its being an eco friendly facility.

Are Porta Potties Good for the Environment?  

Porta PottyHuman waste is a natural thing. If you think about it, waste from animals is actually used as a fertilizer so many environmentalists are having the debate where we should use porta potties or do our business on the ground to provide fertilizer to the Earth to allow more plants to grow from it. Porta potties are often used outdoors as a convenience for people when there are no bathrooms around. These cases occur during large outdoor events, construction zones, and camping grounds. While some people opt to use them, others just like to squat out in the woods secluded from peering eyes to do their business. So what is better?

When it comes down to it, our waste does provide a fertilizer to the Earth, but the question is does it even make a difference. Is it worth sacrificing convenience in order to fertilize the Earth with my waste? The short answer is no, and we’re going to explain it shortly. While it does provide a method of fertilization, it is not really worth it because it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Plus, it’s inconvenient and much more difficult than using a porta potty. Porta potties provide privacy and convenience for people. It allows a place for people to sit down on and do their business comfortably. Plus, they provide toilet paper, which is often difficult to use while out in the woods.

The disadvantage to using a porta potty is that it smells inside and you don’t get to look at nature while doing your business, which some people really like. For the it’s okay to use the outdoors as their bathroom, but it is not a case to ever ban porta potties. The other downside to using porta potties is that it requires a large truck to come out and drain the porta potty or replace it which is usually every week, but depends on the frequency of use. These trucks disturb the noise of the environment and also pollute the air with their diesel exhausts.

However, even with these small disadvantages, we believe that the advantages of a porta potty outweigh these disadvantages. Porta potties are not entirely bad for the environment, but they don’t necessarily help it either. But with that said, they do provide a great convenience for many people at an inexpensive cost. If are on the fence of whether to get a porta potty or not for your needs then hopefully this article has persuaded you. You can find good deals on porta potty rentals from who can provide rentals to you and your company for short or long periods of time. Depending on your location, they can also provide service to each unit which includes dumping waste so it can be used over and over again. Typically, these companies do not allow unauthorized people to get rid of the waste due to susceptibility to illness and disease from other people’s waste.

If you can’t decided whether you should get one or not, you should just get a porta potty and call it a day. They provide more convince to your patrons than they have disadvantages to the environment.

Taking Walks and Enjoying Nature  

walkingI always get caught up with life and quite often I will need to just stop, relax, and take a walk. I will put on my headphones and play soothing classical music while I take a walk. Classical music as always let me enjoy my surroundings on walks because I’m not distracted by lyrics and it’s just the music. My favorite thing about walking is seeing the trees and noticing the changing of the environment and landscapes as the season change. Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate your surroundings at where you have lived for so long, but I’ve been working on it and it taking walks as definitely help. But one thing that has been preventing me from taking walks has been aching feet.

I would use the smallest excuse to not take a walk when I knew I needed it most. Even though I wanted to feel relived, my busy and stressful life would sometimes tell me that I didn’t have time for that. It’s difficult to over come, but once I eliminated all my excused, it became pretty easy. To start I had to buy new walking shoes because that was why my feet were hurting so bad. This time, I measured my feet according to this guide for buying the best walking shoes. Now that I knew my arch type and foot width, I could buy the right type of shoe that would fit perfectly. I then checked out their best walking shoes for women page and chose one of the walking shoes I found in their list. It was really easy to pick out a shoe after it provided me a list of shoes where any one of them would have fit awesomely. It was just up to me to pick the best looking shoes after that.

If you’re a man and also struggle with aching feet, blisters, or tiredness from walking, you can check out their best walking shoes for men guide. It appears to be the same level of quality as the mens guide and I will definitely be showing it to my husband when he needs new shoes. I’m sure he will appreciate how much more comfortable correct fitting shoes feel.

I got the shoes I bought a week ago and I have since taken two walks with them and I felt the difference immediately. It felt like I was walking on air and my feet didn’t ache at all. I was able to walk for 30 minutes each time with no problem. Tomorrow, I am thinking of going on a walk that’s a bit further where I can see the waterfall that’s nearby. It’s an awesome feeling being able to appreciate the natural beauty right around your home. It is a similar feeling to meditation; you feel very peaceful after.

If you have a lot of stress in your life, think about going on a walk with some high quality walking shoes. Leave your cellphone at home and admire the beauty that’s around you. You can also bring classical music for a more meditation-like feeling.

Will The New GHS Training Requirement Help The Environment?  

safetyWe all know it…. The world is filled with chemicals that are bad for both the environment and for humans. There are so many toxins that we are exposed to every day its no wonder that air pollution, human cancer rates, and water pollution are at an all time high. Perhaps the new chemical training requirement from the United States government will help us solve this problem, even if just a fraction of what it needs to be.

The new tool to help combat people getting injured, sickened, or harmed by chemicals is called the Globally Harmonized System, or GHS for short. GHS is meant to cover many different countries in the world and the goal is to provide safety training that revolves around the use of chemicals. Since exposure to hazardous chemicals is such a widespread problem in workplaces across the globe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has determined that all employers must perform GHS training prior to December of 2013.

So, will this new Globally Harmonized System training benefit those of us who are interested in the environment? It definitely should! The training will focus on the use of pictograms to identify hazardous chemicals. The pictograms will have a red border and white background, and will identify the following hazards: health hazards, flames, gas cylinders, corrosive materials, explosives, and a symbol for aquatic toxicity. All of these signs are meant to act as a precautionary and safety measure when it comes to hazardous materials.

There are several ways that employers are able to comply with the GHS training requirement. First, they will need to have a mandatory meeting with all of their employees explaining the new OSHA guidelines. They will also need to use either written materials or OSHA compliant GHS training videos to carry out their training. Another good protocol would be to have each employee sign that they have not only completed the training, but also provide them with a quiz to ensure that they learned and absorbed the GHS training.

We certainly think that this training requirement will help the environment and that is all we care about. This GHS roll-out will keep dangerous chemicals out of our earth’s atmosphere. As you know some of the worst offenders to our environment are big business and this should hold their feet to the fire in regards to chemical safety. Corporate America has become such a big violator that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set up a new phone number to deal with these violators. Environmental whistleblowers are now able to call a number set up by the EPA to report corporate wrongdoers.

In the end we feel that these new training requirements, which are now going to be a worldwide standard, will be a big boon to the environmental movement.  By holding large businesses to a standard on how to deal with hazardous chemicals, our society will benefit, our environment will benefit, and humankind will benefit.

5 Ways to Reduce Motor Vehicle Environmental Impact  

green carsCars and trucks, we love them, we need them and all of us own one or more of them.

They get us to work, school, the park, shopping and the library and so many other places that are too numerous to list.

They run on gas or diesel and a very few on electricity. The end result of a fuel burning engine is smoke. There is no getting around it.

The more we own, the more smoke we have and the greater the impact on our environment. Most people believe that smog is created by large factories and refineries however; vehicle emissions represent a substantial portion of the problem.

For those interested in contributing LESS to the problem, here is five ways to do your share:

1. Keeping your tires properly inflated not only improves the mileage you will get from a set of tires, but also allows your vehicle to deliver more miles per gallon resulting in less fuel burned by the vehicle over its lifetime. Less fuel burned translates into less pollution delivered.

2. Consider car pooling or look into public transportation. Sharing a ride with someone translates into one less vehicle on the road. Public transportation helps reduce emission pollution by transporting a group of people at once and in most cases may save each individual money by increasing the life of their vehicles.

3. Ride a bike or walk to work or school whenever possible. Many people live close enough to work or school to commute by bicycle or walking. Citizens have become somewhat lazy in this regard. Again, using your vehicle less by bike riding or walking will increase the life of your vehicle and reduce the amount of emissions sent into the atmosphere.

4. Turn your vehicle off at railroad crossings, long lines or in traffic jams. Letting your car idle for more than 10 minutes is bad for your motor and a waste of gasoline. Many times a month we find ourselves waiting on a 15 minute train and just sit there burning fuel. Turn your engine off and the fuel savings will result in money savings and a reduction of emission pollution.

5. Purchase electric or hybrid vehicles (click here for more information on larger cars). Owning and driving a hybrid or electric vehicle is beginning to make sense now that these vehicles have become more affordable. These vehicles actually pack some power and are available with all the options you have become spoiled on. Many people who own these vehicles are driving less because they are concerned about the environment and feel the responsibility to be a part of the solution.

Environmental responsibility should be something that each nation should share. Some have stepped up to the plate and passed laws that address this responsibility and many are offering tax breaks to get citizens involved. If everyone committed to do their fair share, the impact on emission pollution would be greatly reduced.

Five Low Carb Veggies You Should Eat on a Green Living Diet  

veggiesEating healthy means giving in to the more ‘natural’ food sources, that is, the ones abundantly supplied by Mother Nature. Since the start of human knowledge, vegetables have been considered as the best options when it comes to engaging in a green living diet. While others are hesitant about this, feeling that other options will be more favorable, it is very important to remember that we are initially created to accommodate within our bodies natural food sources. This means that vegetables will certainly play a vital role in making sure that we live a healthy life.

Here are five low carb veggies that you should eat while on a green living diet:

1. Sprouts

Sprouts include alfalfa, as well as other small seeds. At the same time, you will do well to remember that sprouted legumes, though technically they are under sprouts, may have more carb. Finding recipes to incorporate sprouts is not that difficult. You can always find online sources for the best tasting sprouts recipes.

2. Green leafy

Aside from having low carb, green leafy vegetables are also good sources of fiber. Therefore, if you are engaging, not just in a green living diet, but also one which will eventually help you in losing weight, eating more green leafy vegetables can be a good option. Salads, soups, and other recipes will perfectly enter the picture when talking about these green leafy vegetables. Examples of these vegetables are spinach, lettuce and chard.

3. Hearty Greens

Hearty Greens include mustard greens, collards, kale, and others. Generally speaking, aside from going green, these vegetables also offer a low carb, good for the heart diet. Finding these vegetables is not that challenging, they are pretty much available in the vegetable section of your favorite grocery, or in the nearest wet market in your area.

4. Herbs

Yes, aside from providing medicinal benefits, herbs are also low in carbs. They should not be mistaken as medicines, as what others commonly think. They are also vegetables. Thus, they can be incorporated with your meal, as well as other dishes. Examples of such herbs which has low carbs are cilantro, parsley, rosemary, basil and thyme.

5. Bamboo Shoots

Only a few people would often include bamboo shoots in their list of green foods. However, little do they know that despite the unlikelihood of this veggie to reach your table, this offers a healthy option for you and your family. Plus, it is also a good source of protein and fiber.

Of course, while some of the low carb vegetables, such as some of the ones mentioned above may be eaten raw, or half cooked, they may also be taken as ingredients to some easy low carb recipes. These recipes will not only provide the assurance that you have fine tasting food on your table, but also, you are allowing your body to recuperate despite living in a chemical centered world, by eating a green living diet.

Same Cars, New Ways to Run  

car1The earth has turned into a smoldering pipe of smoky circle with the release of cars so long ago. As the years go by, car makers have continually made the fastest, coolest, and most efficient cars that the world has seen. With the cars about to rule the world, actions have been implemented to make sure we do not choke the environment. Introducing methane powered cars, a first, coming from Britain, as designed by British engineers.
What? Poo is powering my car?

Methane powered cars are actually gaining more followers coming from its release that go back even from the 1930’s, but has recently just been used by other countries. Natural gas vehicles or methane powered cars are cars that use an alternative source of fuel. The fuel being used is called Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) instead of the regular gas that car drivers use which is the LPG, which varies in chemical composition from each other.

The CNG has actually proved itself safer for drivers compared to gasoline-powered vehicles since they are made with biogas that is created to lessen the carbon concentration in the air we breathe. British engineers have finally paved the way for a revolutionized car, with the use of biogas.

They have introduced “Bio Bug”, which is run purely on biogas that was produced from – wait for it – human waste that comes from sewage works within their country.

These methane powered cars do not stink, like how you would imagine it, since it came from households which made poo flushes. Methane powered cars have been attempted in the past, but this was the first from Britain with an outstanding performance while running on the natural gas used.
How does it work to power my car?

There is quite a little difference between how a gasoline powered vehicle works versus Methane powered cars as the fuel being used is fused with the air in a cylinder of a four-stroke engine wherein a spark plug becomes ignited to move the car’s piston up and down. The difference actually falls in the flammability as well as ignition temperatures of both chemicals.

As much as possible, lightweight cylinders are used to carry NGV’s which are being compacted to 3000 to 3600 pounds before it enters the cylinder.

When methane powered cars are started, natural gas flows from the cylinder and goes into a fuel line and enters a regulator to reduce pressure. The gas then feeds through a fuel injection system that makes it enter the cylinders. Computers, or whatever sensor the car is using will then regulate the fuel air mixture to burn the gas capably.

The car might be changed to fill the needed space that comes with an NGV needing fuel storage containers.
To Run Continuously

For the methane powered cars to continue its job of getting people to their destination, we have to boost the fuel once it goes low. Most of these cars would have their fueling point at the front, with a few exceptions. An NGC can also use a “slow fill method” wherein it can be refueled for a couple of hours, more or less five to eight hours, which is offered by some companies, having owners allow overnight refueling for their cars.
Saving the World while Driving

Running on a methane powered car does have its advantage, but it is common knowledge that it does help age Mother Earth beautifully. A lot of countries have embraced the power of methane powered cars and started using it to fight a cause for the environment. This type of car does have its pros and cons, but we cannot deny how big it will positively affect all of us, especially the environment.


Four Uses for Tea Tree Oil  

essential oilTea Tree Oil Has Many Everyday Medicinal Uses

Tea tree oil is an amazingly useful ingredient in the world of natural health. An essential oil derived from an Australian plant Melaleuca Alternifolia and is steam distilled, it has many medicinal uses. It is recommended around the world for common problems found in any household. Among its many uses, tea tree oil is good for use as an antiseptic, vaporizer, anti-fungal treatment and moisturizer.

This wonderfully scented oil is a great addition to any medicine cabinet. Though it must not be ingested, its topical uses are many and it is good for those who prefer natural medicine and healing. It only takes a few drops of this gentle oil to help speed healing in many ways for large variety of common issues.

A Natural Antiseptic

As an antiseptic tea tree oil can be used to treat cuts and burns effectively. Just use a dropper and apply a little bit on the site of the wound and it will help speed up the body’s natural healing. It is effective for promoting rapid healing and safe for use on all minor cuts and burns. It has a natural cooling effect that will soothe burns and most insect bites. It is especially effective on sun burns, similar to aloe vera.

When using tea tree oil as a vaporizer, just add a few drops to a humidifier or bath water. When used as a vaporizer it helps clear chest congestion and to ward off the symptoms of colds and the flu. When in a hurry just dab a bit of oil on a clean cloth and inhale in through your nasal passages. The aroma that comes from this oil is pleasant and refreshing, as well as effective in clearing your passages.

For Treating Toenail Fungus

For use as a toenail fungus treatment, add a few drops of this oil a few times each day directly to the infected site. It is especially useful on nail fungus and is the active ingredient in many toenail fungus treatments that can be bought over the counter. Using it daily will help speed the healing process of a fungal infection, as well as, help to prevent such infections from recurring in the future by penetrating the skin and working directly at the source of infection.

When used as a moisturizer just apply a little on dry skin and rub gently in a circular motion. It is especially useful for flaking skin such as dandruff from a dry scalp or on acne. When used for dandruff control, just add a few drops to shampoo before adding to your hair and massage in firmly with finger tips. When using it for the treatment of acne, simply add a small amount to any blemish and it will rapidly aid in healing. The moisturizing effect from tea tree oil is fast acting, just one of it’s many beneficial natural qualities.

The versatility of tea tree oil makes it a great addition to any home’s medicine cabinet. The oil comes in a dark glass bottle to avoid light from gleaming in to help preserve the potency of the oil. Store tea tree oil in a dark cool place will help to maintain the potency in the long term.