Fitness Boot Camps Broadbeach – Losing Weight is All about Burning Calories

Are you lately finding yourself scared to step on the scales? Do you keep buying dowdy clothes that you secretly hope will mask your bulk? Does your wardrobe consist of mostly black items? If your answer is yes to most of these questions them maybe it’s time you realise that you have weight issues. You are only going to lose weight effectively if you join a serious intense activity center like fitness boot camps Broadbeach which will push you towards fitness.

The concept behind weight loss

Calories are basic food units say experts in fitness boot camps in Broadbeach. Every individual must consume a certain amount of calories every day in order to meet his/her daily energy requirements. The number of calories you should ideally consume will depend upon your gender, age, weight, BMI and body type. In order to lose those extra calories you either have to starve yourself and form a calorie deficit or work out really hard (much healthier).

Fitness boot camps in Broadbeach run on the principle that participants have to exercise really hard in order to burn calories fast. A healthy dose of bootcamp workouts everyday will create a strong reserve of lean muscle in the body. This lean muscle will work overtime to burn calories even when you are engaged in passive acts like sleeping or sitting.

Why starvation diets are bad?

Most people who want to lose weight start off by beginning to starve themselves. Broadbeach boot camps fitness experts say that this is highly unsafe and medically dangerous. A potential calorie deficit of more than 1000 calories is enough to make a normal person feel weak and wobbly. Anything more than that will make the person faint and will reduce sugar and pressure levels to a dangerous degree.

When the body lacks calorie fuel, it starts burning up lean muscle for fuel and slows down its metabolic rate. You will start feeling sluggish, slow and will be amazed at how fast you gain weight even when you are not eating anything substantial.

Broadbeach fitness boot camps train a lot of overweight participants daily with the sole aim of making them reduce their body weight. These participants learn cardio, calisthenics and strength training which in turn build up their lean mass. And of course you already know how important lean muscle is for weight loss!

What to do for calorie loss?

Fitness boot camps in Broadbeach run on the American Army new recruit training program where short bursts of intense activity are punctuated by short rest periods. This kind of rhythmic exercise is designed to push the body into the calorie burning mode and drive up the metabolic rate to an all time high.

According to Broadbeach fitness boot camps expert, this is the ideal way to lose weight as it’s healthy and safe.

Participants at boot camps are urged to use the online calorie calculator to count the total number of calories they are ingesting. They are also expected to follow the nutrition advice given to them by their expert nutritionist.